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When you lose a loved one.

Call us for a free consultation. We will do a free estimate and walk through of the entire estate and grounds. We determine how long it will take to prepare for the sale and can answer any general questions that might arise. Family members must decide what they want from the estate before the estimate takes place so that we can provide you with an accurate assessment figure for your estate’s market value.

Penny Lane Estate Sales is fully responsible for coordinating, staffing and producing the estate sale. This includes merchandising/item organization, and display so that there is a clean and welcoming sales environment for your potential buyers. It is very important that the home be both orderly and fresh for the duration of the sale. We will employ additional staff and security on an as needed basis. We will make arrangements for all publicity which may include placing ads in local/community newspapers, distributing fliers, and utilizing our exclusive database of dealers giving your estate maximum visibility.

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